Technical Gases

Facilitating optimization
In industrial production, technical gases are as important as water and electricity. Their specific properties and the way in which they are used ensure greater efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness in many processes. Industrial gases also play a crucial role in terms of product quality.
The most widely used industrial gases include acetylene, argon, carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Messer also offers many of these gases as mixtures for special applications.

Technical gases used in welding
Welding technology comprises over 100 distinct methods (according to DIN EN 4063). Messer markets its range of shielding gases in a clearly structured system under standardized corporate brand names based on the raw material being processed:

Ferroline – for plain and low-alloy steels 
Inoxline – for high-alloy steels 
Aluline – for aluminium and non-ferrous metals
Addline – for additive manufacturing of metals

Technical gases

Specialty gases

Specialty gases

Specialty gases cover a large number of products for a wide range of applications. The Messer product range encompasses liquid helium, various pure gases and standard mixtures as well as individual gas mixtures produced on customers’ specification. The product requirements are just as specific and diverse as their applications. Messer supplies a wide range of specialty gases, from pressure cans to 300-bar cylinder bundles.

Specialty gases

Food gases

Gases for the food industry

Ensuring freshness and quality

Longer-lasting quality, visual appeal, sparkling freshness – gases perform a variety of tasks in the food industry. The primary purpose of these applications is to preserve a product’s existing quality. This means that gases are often used at the production stage. Typical applications include freezing and packing, cooling during mixing processes and carbonation of beverages.

Messer is constantly developing new applications for the food industry. One example is Variomix®, which is used for rapid and precise control of the product temperature during mixing processes; another is VarioSol®, which is used for the production of powdery products, or the “Siber System”, a flexible and innovative transport refrigeration system used to ensure an unbroken cold chain for fresh and frozen products.

Gourmet is the name under which Messer supplies pure gases and gas mixtures for the food industry. These gases satisfy the highest quality standards and meet all the European legal provisions on food as well as every HACCP requirement.

For further information about selected products please check our product data sheets:

Gourmet C Carbon dioxide

Gourmet N Nitrogen

Gourmet O Oxygen

Gourmet A Argon

Gourmet N80
80% Nitrogen
20% Carbon dioxide

Gourmet N70
70% Nitrogen
30% Carbon dioxide

Gourmet O70
70% Oxygen
30% Carbon dioxide

Gourmet N50
50% Nitrogen
50% Carbon dioxide

Gourmet L Nitrous oxide

Gourmet He Helium

Gourmet H Hydrogen

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