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Internships, Scholarships, Dissertations


Internships / Scholarships / Theses

Internships / Scholarships / Theses

To ensure that we have well-trained employees in the future, we are already bringing the fascination of the world of gases closer to pupils and students.


We offer the opportunity to gain initial professional experience through an internship. Assignments are possible in the fields of technology (production, application technology, logistics), corporate communications and sales. The duration of the internship depends on the regulations of the individual schools/universities and the company's capacities. 


As a sponsor of several research and development programs at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, Messer has been supporting the promotion of technological expertise, a central element of our own corporate history, since 2004. Messer is also involved in the German Scholarship Initiative of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Research in order to better support talented students. 


We offer bachelor and master theses in the fields of application technology, engineering & production.

Nested Applications

Nested Applications

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