ZeCarb-Service for carbon capture

ZeCarb-Service for carbon capture

Messer offers carbon capture services for customers in Europe, the USA and Asia under the name “ZeCarb”.

"ZeCarb". ZeCarb stands for "Zero Carbon" and will help various industries to achieve their "net zero" climate targets in the future by capturing CO2 emissions generated in their production processes. Messer is relying on its decades of experience in the field of CO2 recovery.

At a time when the urgency of climate change is becoming increasingly apparent, it is essential that companies around the world take action to drastically reduce their CO2 emissions. With "ZeCarb", Messer is responding to the growing global demand for solutions to decarbonize industrial processes, also known as "Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage" (CCUS). According to the International Energy Agency (IEA, iea.org), CCUS alone must prevent 1.2 gigatons of CO2 emissions per year in order to achieve the net-zero scenario by 2050.

ZeCarb serves CCUS value chain
"Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage” (CCUS) prevents CO2 emissions for example from steel, cement, glass, paper or chemical production or from fossil-fired power plants for electricity and heat generation, from being released into the atmosphere ("carbon capture"). The recovered CO2 is then used in applications that aim to reduce the use of fossil fuels ("utilization"). For example, in the production of eFuels (synthetic fuels) or "Sustainable Aviation Fuels". Alternatively, the recovered CO2 is permanently stored in geological formations underground, preventing its release into the atmosphere ("storage"). Depleted oil and gas fields are used for this purpose in particular.

ZeCarb covers the entire CCUS value chain and offers customers decarbonization solutions from a single source. 

More information: https://zecarb.messergroup.com