Revised Application technology cold logistics in the Food & Beverages sector

Transport cooling

Cryogenic gases help during the transport of food products to keep the cold chain.


With the help of carbon dioxide and nitrogen it is possible to cool - depending on the demand - complete truck loading areas or single insulated containers. Both applications are usable for either fresh or frozen products.


  • Quick cold energy through cryogenic gases
  • Reliable temperature regulation
  • Short filling times
  • Flexible solutions
  • Safe and intiutive operation
  • Reliable temperature regulation
  • Quiet cooling technologies



  • Cryo2Pack: Transport cooling with CO2 snow in PP bags
  • Siber system: Transport cooling in insulated containers with carbon dioxide
  • EcoLIN: Truck transport cooling with nitrogen
  • EcoCO2: Truck transport cooling for small transporters with carbon dioxide
  • SnowDrop & MiniCryo: Home Delivery solution with small EPP boxes having an integrated CO2 cooling

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Revised Customer process cold logistics in the Food & Beverages sector - Bakery

Cold logistics of food products

Ensuring the cold chain of food products

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