Revised Application technology high pressure extraction in the Food & Beverages sector

High pressure extraction

Extracting with supercritical CO2


The alternative to organic solvents is high pressure extraction with compressed gases. Particularly in the supercritical state (having both gaseous and liquid properties) some gases exhibit excellent solvent characteristics, for example:

  • High diffusion capacity
  • Low viscosity
  • Almost zero surface tension
  • High dissolving power

Supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) has proven to be extremely suitable for applications in natural product extraction. The low critical temperature of +31°C allows for a particularly gentle extraction treatment of the natural products present.   


  • Dry, solvent-free products, concentrates and essences 
  • Gentle treatment of temperature sensitive substances 
  • Natural materials isolated without loss of aroma 
  • Selective material separation through variation in pressure and temperature
  • Simple recovery of the extraction medium 


Messer develops and optimises high pressure extraction plants for individual requirements. 

Revsied Customer process high pressure extraction in the Food & Beverages sector - Beer

Ingredient extraction

Preparation of the raw materials

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