revised_Application technology keeping waste water fresh in the Water utilities sector

Oxyduct-Oxidation of hydrogen sulphide

Pure oxygen for H2S treatment


Instead of compressed air, pure oxygen is injected into the waste water pipeline using the Oxiduct process. Since pure oxygen, unlike air, is not diluted by nitrogen, more oxygen can be introduced and dissolved in the pipeline. Oxiduct thus ensures an adequate oxygen depot in the pressure pipeline, suppressing anaerobic digestion processes. The formation of organic sulphides and mercaptans is also prevented by the introduction of oxygen. As a result, oxygen is more effective than iron salts but, in contrast to these, does not cause any deposits. In addition, pure oxygen is superior to hydrogen peroxide or nitrate due to lower costs and faster efficacy.


The Oxiduct process, which has been tried and tested in practice for many years, makes prevention of hydrogen sulfide formation and corrosion in sewer networks easy and economical.

revised_Customer process keeping waste water fresh in the Water utilities sector

Keeping sewage systems odourless

Handling of odour problems in pipelines

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